Life Hutch VR Takes Flight

Every gamer and science fiction fan dreams of getting behind the controls of a spaceship to attack the alien mothership and Life Hutch VR will not disappoint. Harlan Ellison's story predates the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars by twenty years and taps into the basic desire we have to save the world and defeat the bad guys. In our case, the villain is the mysterious Kyben race which viciously attacks mankind and attempt to wipe us out. Virtual Reality will allow a player to experience the rush of space combat in an immersive way that wasn’t possible before.

We thought it was time to start building out the environment of the human spaceship cockpit and introduce ANGEL. ANGEL is a virtual assistant to the main character who is part Alexa and part Cortana (From Halo not Windows 10). It became clear while writing the script for Life Hutch VR that Captain Terrence needed someone to talk to. ANGEL also gives us a way to move the story forward and expose key pieces of information the player needs. She acts as an advisor, crewmate and co-conspirator as the story unfolds and the player will come to rely on her to survive.

This brief clip is an early demonstration of how the gameplay is unfolding. Players will have the chance to pilot the ship, attack the Kyben fleet, and attempt to return home while wearing their VR headset.

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