New art from Life Hutch VR and the lessons learned from Disney Imagineering about immersive entertainment and frameless storytelling.

How Life Hutch VR is taking advantage of 100 years of film technique and the new concept of frameless filmmaking in our production.

We have been very busy creating the key scenes of Life Hutch VR. Here are just a few of my favorite concepts.

After months of writing and designing, the life hutch has come to life in the fully functional VR prototype.

The design team for Life Hutch VR has been hard at work finishing off the robot ELLIS and he looks awesome!

Every gamer and science fiction fan dreams of getting behind the controls of a spaceship to attack the alien mothership and Life Hutch VR will not disappoint. Harlan Ellison's story predates the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars by twenty y...

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