Imagine being trapped inside with no way out. It’s been days and days and you are losing hope…

The theme of survival exists on multiple levels in Life Hutch VR. Mankind is struggling to defend itself and defeat the enemy at any cost. The life hutches are built to be a s...

The backdrop to Life Hutch VR is a fierce battle between mankind and the alien Kyben race.

Remembering Harlan Ellison, the writer of Life Hutch and a great visionary of the science fiction world.

Terrence had never been a coward, nor had he been a hero. He was one of the men who fight wars because they must be fought by someone.

Our goal for Life Hutch VR is to make it so authentic that the player will forget the real world and become completely immersed in the story.

Wrapping up production design and beginning 3D modeling for Life Hutch VR. Our goal is to create an unforgettable immersive experience.

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